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Alcohol Free

and Wound Care

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Sharks across the world are facing unprecedented threats.


BAC-D is proud to partner with OCEARCH to support their innovative approach to scientific data collection, education, outreach and policy. Only through collaboration can we hope to protect the balance keepers of the ocean, and to ensure an abundant and healthy ocean for our children.

The physical environment of the OCEARCH ship, and the close contact the crew has with animals can sometimes cause rashes and infections that can worsen without immediate attention. BAC-D and OCEARCH have teamed up to co-brand an innovative new line of broad spectrum anti- bacterial spray. BAC-D serves a critical function on the OCEARCH ship by sanitizing hands, preventing the spread of infection, and treating rashes, cuts, scrapes, and lacerations. A portion of the proceeds from this product directly funds OCEARCH research expeditions and education programs.

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